Bruce springsteen dating now

He has 20 Grammys (from a staggering 49 nominations), with the Springsteen mantelpiece also boasting two Golden Globes and a single Academy Award win for music featured in the 1994 Oscar-winning movie, Philadelphia.A family man, he remains married to long-time E Streeter Patti Scialfa, the couple sharing three grown up children.When rumors about the 60-year-old musician and a married 45-year-old housewife from Red Bank, N.J., were first reported more than a year ago, I was saddened.As “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” fades out on Wembley’s in-house radio station, the DJ informs us that Bruce Springsteen will be on stage in 30 minutes.He tells us that a fan called Dave has Tweeted from the stadium floor to say that it’s 26 degrees in the Venue of Legends.But you have that photo, yes, and you can do whatever you please with it (including Photoshopping it into a wedding-day portrait, or overlaying those Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake matching denim ensembles on top of it—whatever you please).On Sunday, Olivia Tallent—who is the daughter of Garry Tallent, the bassist for Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band—met the Cinnamon Prince, backstage, at Wembley Stadium, following an E Street Band concert.

It is a testament to the tawdry depths of recent celebrity scandals that I found myself strangely pleased this weekend to read about allegations that Bruce Springsteen, the celebrity for whom I feel the most regard, cheated on his wife Patti Scialfa, whom I also admire.

Imagine you’re at some swanky charity dinner or ball (don’t worry too much about logistics or “backstory” in this thought experiment), and everyone is mingling, and you find yourself practically bumping right into none other than Prince Harry.

Your phone emerges (everything is sort of a blur) and you almost ask if he’d be down for a Snapchat Face Swap (but thankfully you think better of it and ask for a normal photograph to be taken instead), and before you have time to ask what Kate Middleton smells like or if he can explain his beard maintenance regimen, he has vanished.

Yet, there I was, shaking my head with relief and amusement as I flipped through “Swing Steen,” the New York Post’s ingeniously headlined tale of Springsteen’s reported dalliance five years ago with a woman from his hometown.

I grinned as I read the story, not just because of the ample Boss puns (“Springsteen’s ‘Human Touch’ made her melt;” “[T]he Jersey girl got lost in a ‘Tunnel of Love'”), but because after a year of John Edwards, Tiger Woods and Jesse James, even after the none-of-our-business-but-nonetheless-dispiriting splits of Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins and Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes, the Springsteen infidelity feels like a clean mineral rain washing away months of grimy revelations.

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