Squire precision bass dating

The S/E serial number prefixes refer to Young Chang's Fenix brand guitars from the late 1980's so the date I provided you is indicative to a Young Chang Fenix brand of Squier.

In the early 1980s, Japanese labor and production costs were much lower than in America and to compete with the Japanese made guitars, Fender moved the lower priced Fender guitar production from America to Japan. I do know that since it's a P Bass Special, it has the Precision Bass pickups and a Jazz Bass pickup. I purchased this bass for health reasons as a temporary instrument (as it? Great bass for gigging and a great bass to learn on. Had an issue with one of the tone knobs & Im still unsure if it works, But still a great product.Hi Jek, Start by checking the serial number, here is a basic guide for you, once having established the serial number, post it and we will tell you if its genuine.The following info will also help you determine if its a Fender Sqier number.

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