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He married and had two daughters, and in his retirement settled into Murray Hill in Manhattan, just a few blocks from the United Nations. He wore dashikis and talked in a beautifully deep voice with an accent landing somewhere between Europe, the United States and the Middle East. He was raised Catholic, and he’s fascinated by the good and bad machinations of the Vatican, the backstage stories of cardinals, bishops and popes, but I honestly don’t know if he attends church.He reveres the French writer Montaigne, a Renaissance Catholic who invented the personal essay but had a complex relationship with God.In China, We Chat also functions as a popular promotional platform for brands, creatives and marketers.But as the app’s footprint increased, there have been concerns the app may pose a risk to national security.When you open We Chat, you might have noticed that the picture of the globe doesn’t feature either America, Europe or China as would usually be expected.Instead Africa, in particular South Africa, seems to take pride of place. QQ: Bigger than We Chat Tencent’s flagship service isn’t actually We Chat.In today’s ‘We Chat Essential Tip’, brought to you by China Channel, we will give you the lowdown on Tencent.Tencent is the company which created We Chat and is one of the largest Internet companies in the world. Tencent, (and thus We Chat) is 34% owned by a South African media company called Naspers.

Adam Segal, Cyber Security Expert, Council on Foreign Relations, confirmed that We Chat itself wasn’t the problem: “Information technology services and software are all fundamentally insecure. Many technologies have some type of vulnerability, and a directed adversary can figure out vulnerabilities to exploit and gather intelligence.” A study by TNS highlighted the average time Chinese Android smartphone users spent using top five social messaging apps.

Increasingly, it looks like the next big thing in social media won’t be a Facebook competitor, like Twitter or Snapchat, or even a high-profile Facebook acquisition, like Instagram or Whats App.

Instead, there’s a damn good chance the big story of 2016 will be Messenger, the home-grown chat app, which is quickly becoming the most exciting part of the Facebook empire.

On the morning of January 7, David Marcus, Facebook’s vice president of messaging products, released a detailed update on Messenger’s accomplishments and goals for 2016. For example, Messenger has grown to 800 million users, a huge increase from 200 million users less than two years ago, when it was completely split out from the Facebook app.

It’s on a path to replace the phone number and apps all together—redefining the way consumers interact with businesses in the process.

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